7 Signs it is Time to Call a Plumber

No one wants to call a plumber, but dealing with the issues left behind from plumbing-related problems is never ideal. When you know the signs that it is time to call for professional plumbing services san bernardino ca, it will considerably reduce headache and hassle. Read below to learn seven signs that it is time to call a plumber for service.

1.    You have a pinhole leak: Pinhole leaks are hard to find and oftentimes deep within the plumbing system. If your water bills are increasing in cost but you aren’t using more water, a pinhole leak may be the cause and it is time to call.

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2.    Backflow: Backflow is usually a sign of a septic tank that is full and that needs to be cleaned. A professional is necessary for this.

3.    Leaks: If there are leaks within the plumbing system, you certainly do not want them to prolong and worsen and increase water consumption.

4.    Increased Water Bills: Increased water bills without added usage is a sign that you have a problem of some sort. Rather than attempt to sort it out on your own, call the pros.

5.    Pungent Odors: The smell of a backed up septic tank or other plumbing problems is not one that you can easily ignore. Pick up the phone and call the plumbing experts if there is a smell coming from the plumbing system.

6.    Clogs: Some clogs are easy to remove, many are not. If the usual tricks do not unclog the clog don’t wait to pick up the phone and call the plumber. A clog can cause many unsanitary conditions and hazards you do not want to endure.

7.    Mold Emergencies: When you see mold growing on the pipes, it is an emergency that needs immediate attention. Of course, this is only one of the many issues or emergencies that may cause a need for a pro.