Taking Care Of Your Hot Tub

Hot Tubs or Spa are a lovely way to spend time almost any time of year. It is such fun sitting in a Hot Tub in the snow, or on a dark summer night under the stars.

Taking care is a great investment

To get the best from your Hot Tub you do have to take care of it. But all the effort will be worth it, especially when your place becomes party central.

When to pull in a pro

You can do a lot of the maintenance and management of the tub by yourself.  But it is a great idea to set a baseline so you know the pH is right, it is crack free etc. You can trust a professional like spa hewitt tx to get you to a point where you know everything is good, and you can look after things from there.

Keeping things clean

This is obviously a fundament of spa health. It needs to be clean. If you use it all the time, then you need to take special care of cleanliness. You wouldn’t leave a bath full for months on end. This is the same idea.

You do need to empty and refill it on a regular basis – once a quarter or more depending on how often you use it.

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Make sure you circulate

Circulating is also a key point of hot tub maintenance. Most hot tubs will have a built-in mechanism which circulates the water automatically. Make sure you know if your tub does this, otherwise, add it to your chores list.

pH – Getting the chemicals right

The chemical is critical for tub health. If in doubt, get in a professional. It’s the only way to be sure until you know what you’re doing.

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