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   The West End Museum is one of Boston's only true neighborhood museums.  It was established by residents of the "Old West End" as a tribute to the neighborhoods prominent past.  "The Last Tenement" exhibition originally set up at the Old State House by the Bostonian Society through a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is permanently housed at its location at 150 Staniford Street, suite 7.  The exhibit documents the history of the West End during the immigrant era of 1880 to 1958.  The Museum is open tues thru fri noon til 3:00pm




   the term urban villagers was a term coined by herbert gans for his landmark sociology book " Urban villagers" a term now used by everyone to describe their city neighborhoods.  we are the original urban village,                                    

                              The West End Museum

                                             150 STANIFORD STREET

                                              BOSTON, MA. ,  02114

                                              TELEPHONE  617-723-2125